PEBBLES These rocks are as light as the touch of the Philippine artisan. Combining different sizes of these earthy forms can closely resemble the surroundings of a natural lake, bringing peace and serenity into the room. > BAGOBO | HOZUKI A paper ensemble. The Bagobo Original, the Bagobo Reversed as well as the Hozuki are all produced with the handmade paper of which the strength of the fibres determines the lamps’ resilience, despite an appearance of fragility. Their soft, paper exterior brings a warm look in any setting. > BLACK BIRDS NEST
No outcasts without family but rather bamboo uniques. This selection demonstrates what the material is capable of一formable of. Cropped like a tutu or elongated as a glass vase, the bamboo proves to hold its shape in any design. >
BURI BULB | BELL Big and voluptuous, completely contemporary. These beautiful orbs are the piece de resistance in any room, even more so when multiple hang together. > NAMA Five variations of one shape, the Nama Series proves sometimes only slight changes are all that is necessary to bring out more. With this series, we’ve set the bar for all our Authentics in terms of natural forms, production quality, materials and beauty a product can have, fitting in luxurious spaces. > PLUM | MAY | M-SERIES Fragile light, robust frames. The bamboo used for the series Plum, May and M1, M2 and M3 is as lightweight as can be, but is entwined in such a way it brings out the best of the material. A high-hanging bulb creates a unique halo that brings softness to a room. A gentle appearance. > RATTAN BULB | BELL Signify a gathering. With the Rattan Bulb and Bell Ratan, you bring in the church bell, an orb people make circles around. The sheer size and volume of these lamps are impressive on itself. With the soft light it spreads comparisons with a beaming sun are easily made; the Rattan Bulb and Bell Rattan are guaranteed to stand out. > THIN WOOD | CAP Hanging side by side, the Thin Wood series and the Cap series represent somewhat of a strange duo, having no clear similarities. But imagine the Thin Wood being a UFO and the Cap as their commanders. Anything other than hanging them together for this photo if that is the case would be cruel. But they’re also beautiful on their own and can be used for all kinds of purposes. Both these series are multi-faced in the sense that they can polish up a home-setting as well as a state banquet. > Z-SERIES With this Z-series, Ay illuminate presents unconventional products. Lamps that are unique, made from unlikely materials and in a shape that brings the mind to live. This series forces you to better look at it, understand its construction and appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. It lays bare and holds mystique at the same time. The Z-series is famous for a reason. > TWIGGY >
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